Introducing Rewards Plans

February 6, 2021
5 mins
Introducing Rewards Plans
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No two people are the same. So why don’t your financial tools reflect that? Who you are, what you like, and where and how you spend your money and time are entirely up to you. 

We’re launching Rewards Plans for the Neo Mastercard®, a monthly credit card subscription that allows you to choose the level of rewards you want that best fit your life. You call the shots and earn cashback from the things you care about most.

Neo partners with thousands of Canadian businesses (locally and online), and now’s your chance to upgrade to even greater cashback amounts from the places you can’t get enough of. This means earning even bigger rewards from your everyday spending, including grocery, gas, and coffee, as well as your monthly Netflix and Spotify subscriptions.

We have all the essentials covered. Plus, we’re offering plans that will earn you cashback on all your purchases, even those from non-partnered stores. We’ll recommend the most rewarding plan for you based on your monthly spending.

What are the Rewards Plans and benefits?

Essential $0 / month Plus $4.99 / month Max $9.99 / month
Avg. 4%1 cashback at partners Avg. 5%1 cashback at partners
Offers increase in value by an average of 25%

0.5%2 cashback at non-partners
Avg. 6%1 cashback at partners
Offers increase in value by an average of 50%

1%2 cashback at non-partners
Recommended if you spend less than $750 each month Recommended if you spend $750 or more each month Recommended if you spend $1000 or more each month
1Cashback varies per offer and partner.

2Cashback applies to purchase transactions occurring at Merchants not viewable within the Neo Platform, up to $1,250 in spend per subscription period for Standard card users.

For further information, please see: Neo's Reward Program Terms & Conditions

Essential - $0/month

All Neo members start on the Essential plan, which is free and earns you an average of 4%† cashback at our partners. Shop at all your favourite local businesses like grocery markets, cafes, restaurants, and more while getting rewarded instantly. The more purchases you make with our participating partners, the more rewards you’ll earn.

We recommend this plan for members who spend less than $750 each month.

Plus - $4.99/month

Exploring what each city has to offer is the name of the game, and the next level up is for members who love getting rewarded for their curiosity. The Plus plan provides an average of 5%† cashback at partners, with offers that increase in value by an average of 25%. Plus, members can earn 0.5%‡ cashback at non-partners.

We recommend this plan for members who spend more than $750 each month.

Max - $9.99/month

You guessed it. The Max plan is for members who just can’t get enough of rewards. They don’t need to think twice about using their Neo Card — it just naturally sits at the top of their wallet. The Max plan offers an average of 6%† cashback at partners, with offers that increase in value by an average of 50%. On top of that, members can earn 1%‡ cashback at non-partners.

There’s a good chance, too, that members on this plan have even switched over their primary accounts by saving Neo to their subscriptions, phone plans, and online payments to make things easier.

We recommend this plan for members who spend more than $1000 each month.

Most rewarding cashback card on the market

The Neo Card is one of the best cashback credit cards in Canada. With the Essential level, members earn great cashback at partners and with no annual fees. Compared with other credit cards that charge annual fees, our first paid plan significantly saves (and earns) you money.

Credit card fees can eat up a good chunk of change, especially when you’re not getting good value in return. They typically hover between $30 and $150 per year, with most rewards cards charging around $120.

Not only will you cut the typical annual fee for a good cashback card by half to $60 with the Neo Plus plan, but you’ll start to cash in 0.5% on all purchases made outside our partners.

How it works

Getting started on a paid rewards plan is easy. Simply select which one is right for you in the Neo app and you’ll have access to boosted cashback immediately. Rewards Plans renew every 30 days and can be cancelled or switched at any time without penalty.

Not sure which plan to go with? We make recommendations on which plan to select based on your unique spending behaviour. If you’ve chosen the Max plan, but your monthly spending doesn’t reflect our recommended amount, we’ll encourage you to switch to a plan that better fits your needs.

At the end of the day, it’s about getting the most out of your money, and you can see the total value you’re getting in rewards from all the places you spend through the app. As with all Neo Rewards, offers vary by partner and city, so be sure to check the app for the latest rewards on the table.

Your card, your rewards

No more waiting for your money to work for you. Neo members can now enjoy more rewards at our partners and cashback on purchases outside our network using Rewards Plans. They have the flexibility to choose what level of rewards fits them best, their spending patterns, and lifestyle.

Matching your needs is our top priority, and this kind of personalization is just the first of many features in our journey to create the most rewarding financial future for all Canadians.

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