How Neo connects Canadians with local businesses

November 12, 2020
5 mins
How Neo connects Canadians with local businesses
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Freshly ground coffee beans. 

A patio to kick it with friends. 

The newest restaurant you just have to try. 

If you’ve been around town, chances are you’ve done at least one of these things. Local businesses keep our cities alive and vibrant, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Knowing our baristas by name, or ordering a meal from a secret menu (that we only know about through experience), makes us feel like we have “an in” with our communities. Feeling connected to the people that are part of the places we love makes the time and money we spend there all the more worth it.  

But as we maneuver through this global pandemic, small businesses take the hardest hits and need our support now more than ever. Our Co-founder and Head of Partnerships, Jeff Adamson, recently shared his views in the Calgary Herald on what it will take for Canadian small businesses to recover. 

After all, our local businesses form the pillars of our communities, our cities’ unique culture and along with it, part of our own identities. The good news is that the charm and sense of belonging you love about small businesses are here to stay now more than ever with Neo’s help. 

We make it easy to support local through technology that both merchants and consumers can benefit from. We help small businesses better attract and engage customers in their city, while also helping Canadians with smarter everyday spending and saving decisions, especially at the local level.

A win-win for both sides of the cash register

As much as it’s about you, it’s about all Canadians. Just like how you need to support your families, so do the local places you shop from. We make it worthwhile for both sides of the cash register to get the most out of their interactions.

Adopting smarter technology can fast-track business and Neo offers this solution to merchants in neighbourhoods all across the country. Our intuitive rewards platform makes it possible to gain meaningful insights, offer personalization to make customers’ shopping experiences unique and scale business at a faster pace.

At the same time that merchants can reach their customers from anywhere, customers are rewarded instantly when they pay with Neo in-store. It’s a two-way street. So you can enjoy the one-of-a-kind products and services that hit the spot and feel great about boosting business.

Personalized rewards at hundreds of local stores

The fresh bread from the bakery down the street or the fitness studio that gets your heart pumping now gets a little sweeter. We partner with thousands of merchants, including your favourite local stores as well as national and e-commerce brands, to reward your everyday spending. 

We haven’t just created any credit card to make this happen–the Neo Card gets you the rewards you deserve without any added work or annual fees. Based on the places you buy from most, where you live or your current location, you can earn better and more relevant rewards.

We’re talking about unlocking exclusive offers from up to 20% from grocery stores, gyms, cafes, restaurants, retail shops and more. The more you pay with Neo, the better the rewards get. All you have to do is explore your city, discover new exciting places and connect with great company while you’re at it.

A seamless digital experience

Rather than packing on the weight of 12 unused loyalty cards in your wallet (the average that Canadians hold), you can now use one app to manage and earn all your rewards.

Small businesses, especially brick and mortar shops, can now move their traditional loyalty programs onto the Neo platform, making it even easier for their stores to reach a wider audience. For consumers, earning rewards is as easy as paying with your Neo credit card.

The heart of every city is its people

Where would we be without our favourite local shops? Small businesses are the backdrop to some of our fondest memories, from birthday celebrations to job opportunities, shopping trips and other countless tales of good times. They’re the pillars of our communities and we can’t afford to lose them. 

Now you can feel twice as good about supporting small businesses through Neo. Earn more out of your money with the real-life experiences you enjoy, so you can make every interaction more rewarding than the last.

To learn more about the rewards you can earn, check out Neo Rewards.

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