Partner Spotlight: Monogram Coffee

December 2, 2020
5 mins
Partner Spotlight: Monogram Coffee
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At Neo, we’re committed to partnering with local businesses that make an incredible impact on our communities. Coffee is no doubt a staple in our routines. It’s what fuels us to take on the day and be the most productive versions of ourselves. 

We’re proud to team up with Monogram Coffee Company here in Calgary, whose coffee inspires warm connections with colleagues, friends and family, over delicious roasts that are sustainably sourced.

Humble beginnings

Before Monogram became the string of cafes it is today in neighborhoods across Calgary, they pushed around a pop-up coffee cart in the DaDe Art and Design Lab. 

Realizing just how impactful a single cup of coffee can be, Co-Founders Justin Eyford, Jeremy Ho and Ben Put made it their mission to leave things better each day for the people they serve, their relationships and the environment. 

They saw an incredible opportunity and responsibility to improve the lives of the people around them with something as simple as a good drink.

Soon enough, they grew from their humble beginnings and by 2015, they opened up their first cafe in Calgary’s Altadore neighbourhood.

Now, with three more popular locations around town (downtown, Britannia and Altadore), they’re bringing their vision to life, all through delicious coffee that’s sustainably sourced from South American farms. 

Serving local and global communities

Calgary isn’t the only place that gets a taste of Monogram’s good work. The team behind Monogram fosters personal relationships with their producers at every step of the supply chain, even when that means committing to a farmer’s entire production to give them stability, or assisting with community development projects.

Monogram’s commitment to community extends beyond their own backyard, and the coffee they make with their South American producers express the stories behind the coffee bean variety, processing and collaborative effort involved. 

Coffee that tastes even more rewarding

Now, your visits to Monogram will be even more rewarding. At Neo, we saw an opportunity to reward Monogram’s customers even more and foster community when you share a cup of coffee or tea, or snack on pastries.

We’ve partnered with Monogram cafes in Calgary, so you can discover exclusive offers and earn personalized cashback rewards when you pay with Neo. This includes buying bags of coffee beans online, which is available for Canada-wide shipping.

Learn more about the Neo Mastercard® and how you can earn exclusive cashback rewards at our partners, including Monogram and many others.

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