Partner Spotlight: Winnipeg’s Fortify  

December 13, 2020
5 mins
Partner Spotlight: Winnipeg’s Fortify  
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Local businesses show up for us. That’s why at Neo, we’re proud to team up with Fortify, Winnipeg’s first wellness collective. They’re a natural wellness destination that offers a healthy plant-based eatery, retail shop, and natural medicine clinic - impressively under one roof.

Powered by what’s within

Somewhere along the way of infrequent doctors visits, prescription drugs, and poor lifestyle habits, people lost their sense of confidence in their health.

Fortify’s mission is to empower people to regain authority over their health and rediscover strength through natural wellness. Their team is made up of practitioners, wellness enthusiasts, and well-trained professionals to help you nourish your mind and body to get your life back.

Taking disjointed services and making them whole 

Fortify started when two best friends and health practitioners, Stephanie Rempel and Katrina Vanderveen, joined forces over their passion in the health and wellness space. The concept of Fortify was to bring Winnipeg the kind of experiences that were often missing when people seek naturopathic medicine.

Typical doctor’s offices are located in shared professional buildings and maintain a stale or uninviting presence. No one looks forward to their appointments, and it typically takes multiple trips at different locations before getting what you need. 

The disjointed journey begins with seeing the doctor, then travelling to another location to get a hold of your prescription and supplements. In between, you’re often left re-sharing your personal information and medical history because these offices lack cohesion between patients. And by the very end of it, you’re completely famished.

Stephanie and Katrina saw an opportunity to redefine what the health and wellness industry looks like by uniting these three components as a one-stop-shop for wellness: a natural medicine clinic meets retail shop, meets healthy eatery. 

“You deserve a doctor that takes time with you,” said Stephanie. “You should be able to recognize and trust every ingredient in your lunch order. And you deserve to know what’s behind the products you purchase.”

All the services a patient needs are now dedicated to one location, and all the information stays within their four walls. They designed Fortify’s space with floor to ceiling windows that let in natural light, opened up holistic medicine solutions like massage therapy and acupuncture services, and serve high-quality plant-based whole foods and drinks to patients on their way in and out.

Photo by Fortify

"Fortify means to make something strong,” said Katrina. “Together, we’re building a resilient community in Winnipeg through the power of healthy food and lifestyle.” 

A nourishing community 

The power of healthy food and lifestyle can combat illness and can help develop mental and physical resilience. Fortify believes in medical care where doctors take the time to understand you, and every meal and product you buy should come with full transparency that you can trust and recognize.

Now, visits to Fortify in Winnipeg will be even more rewarding. At Neo, we saw an opportunity to reward Fortify customers even more on their wellness journey when taking back control of their lives. We’re partnered with them to offer you instant cashback rewards when you pay with the Neo Card.

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